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Project Description

BuzzApp is an easy, fast, effective and secure business IM Service, to deal with  Real-world business requirements. BuzzApp gives your business a cloud hosted technology MS Azure for better Access with more space, secure and private, business IM network. It allows in-house employees, remote teams and your clients to collaborate efficiently and safely. Exchange free instant messages with friends whenever and wherever with one-on-one and group chats.
BuzzApp is available on all smartphone devices (Android, Windows Phone, Nokia)
and even on your PC. BuzzApp enables you with the benefits of IM while removing risk and giving you total control.

BuzzApp can be easily accessed from any internet enabled location and is fully customizable to fit any ant business needs to help employees work together. All communication between group members is securely encrypted and completely reliable to use in any type of business.

We invite you to try BuzzApp in your business. You can quickly begin communicating in just a few minutes using many of its unique features, including secure instant messaging, message logs, urgent messages, and many more. We believe once you try BuzzApp you will change the way you communicate and work forever.

We could not effectively run our business without BuzzApp.