Why Cognosys Healthcare Management is the answer for all healthcare sectors

The role and responsibility of the health care sector are vital in under pinning the growth and development of our human society as a whole.

Proper management of your staffs, schedules, tasks, your money and budgeting etc. All of these can be a daunting task, even if you’re a spreadsheet ninja.
Cognosys Healthcare Management Systems is the answer to all the problems faced by the health sectors. A budget friendly yet one of the best healthcare systems developed, Cognosys HMS is a cloud based app designed in such a way that it covers all the basic needs and handles the reception, in patient department, outpatient department, doctor’s appointment details, operation theater details, patient information details and all other departments. The Cognosys HMS is designed in such a way that it provides better result to a running hospital. Not only does it end there, customization of the product is available for anyone according to their requirements.



Our aim is to improve human resource management which would then lead to maximized value realization of the investment done. The system reduces human requirement and intervention for different hospital activities. For example, the tedious work such as appointments and scheduling are managed with lesser effort and greater ease. Similarly, patient management activities such as admission, discharge, transfer and billing are efficiently done with lesser man power. These savings can be utilized to improve other critical systems used in patient care.


Cognosys HMS integrates different systems used in hospitals such as financial management and other important systems. The integration of all systems leads to availability of updated information at one desk. Information about appointments, bed availability, and schedules of doctors, specialized services, and treatments is easily available to the person sitting in the front of the computer.

In this modern era, a healthcare management system is the need of the hour for all health departments because it helps in fine tuning operations within the hospitals and also prevent excess use of manpower that increases the cost of operations.