Database As A Service: CogDb

Cognosys Latest innovative product range includes Database As A Service which encompasses offering Multiple Solutions under one roof including MySql as a service, Memcache as a Service, Redis As A Service, Cassandra As A Service.

Our Most Innovative Release is MySQL offered as a PaaS Deployment Under Azure with persistence under a Highly available design.Client applications which use MySQL as a backend or any SQL server as a backend are always apprehensive about what happens if the Database server goes down or if there are high number of users than present infrastructure can support? Should we provision at peak expected load and keep a large number of servers idling awaiting a sudden increase in number of SQL server requests or web application server taking time to complete request thus impacting user experience and for tranxactional requests hitting timeouts.
CogDB is a managed service spanning over large number of servers running across multiple cloud vendors providing a nearly no downtime architectural design and providing multiple master read and writes which is not provided in any normal MySQL deployment. Most of MySQL deployments provided offer a single Master with Slaves for replication which doesn’t solve problem of scalability but just provides DR capability.

Cognosys takes this challenge further by providing not only slave reads but also providing multiple master writes so that clients are able to connect to any of the masters not only based on latency reach but also the most relevant server likely to be least loaded across network of servers thus providing a must faster time to complete a SQL query.

Reach out to us for this innovative MySQL As A Service offering in addition to Multiple NoSQL As A Service Offerings from Cognosys.