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Cognosys Technologies is a Global ISV,System Integrator and Integrated Service Provider Company with a strong emphasis in Cloud Computing, Financial Services,Enterprise Distributed application and Creative Embedded Deployments. We are capable and inspired to exceed your expectations by the quality of service we provide.
Cognosys MediaCentral, Media ECommerce Solution
MediaCentral launched by Cognosys Technologies is an ecommerce platform for media publishers ranging from big media houses to individuals wishing to commercialize their media assets. MediaCentral provides integration with AD/Shibboleth and in depth Business Analytics to media publishers, delivering complete control over media rights and access restrictions. Media management on Cloud has become the
WINNER:Cognosys is a Red Herring Top 100 Global 2012 Winner
Are We Proud? Oh You Bet, We Are!!! Cognosys Technologies, winner of this year's Red Herring Top 100 Asia Company Award, announced that it has won Red Herring's 2012 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far reaching private technology companies from across the globe. Red Herring announced its Top 100 award in recognition of the leading priv
Cognosys Media Asset Managment offers YouTube like Live Video Str
Cognosys Media Services provides media encoding and live video streaming services on cloud with in depth Business Intelligence and Analytics to media publishers, delivering perfect synergy between Media Cataloging and Media Viewing Ability with cloud power. Cognosys media services solution,CogDAM, was born out of the need of Media management solutions targeted at organizations with minimal techn
Red5 Media Server Installation On Cloud: Azure, AWS, Open Stack
Red5 Media Server  is an open source video streaming solution which is based on Java and is widely used by enterprise clients looking to stream their media content. Over time, Cognosys has recieved multiple requests for configuring Red5 media server on different servers ranging from windows machines running on Vmware ESX,AWS,Azure,Open stack to on-premise infrastructure. Given lack of complete
Cloud Security & Cloud Auditing: Cloud Compliance As A Service
Managing Cloud Security and having a cloud deployment which meets internal compliance requirements,as existing with physical infrastructure, is a challenge with CIOs are facing with recent rush to put everything to cloud. What information to be put on cloud? what information to be part of public cloud deployment and which data is supposed to be kept on premise or on private cloud is a question
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Congnosys with its diverse range of products ranging from Cloud Solutions To Embedded Applications to Mobility Solutions is a One Step Solution for all your needs.WhatEver is your Products need from our Middletier products to Our End User Product Arsenal you shall wlays find something that suits your requirements
System Integration & Services is another Portfolio where we stand apart with a wide range of offering from Complex Hybrid Cloud Deployments to Emergency Server Support to Development and architectural Help To A New Product Design. Cognosys Helps you Solve your problem today & We Deliver
Technical Consultancy
Cognosys is a Leader in Technical Consultancy: Proven and we say that with pride. Clients approach us with Myriad of problems and achitecture help to Troubleshooting Critical Issues.Clients reach us from Hadoop & Big Data Problems to Web server Performance and OSS Stacks.Less Talk.More Work