• Securely access computers, files, applications from anywhere

• Ease of task automation and remote computer management

• Organize remote computers into groups



An Interactive application to incorporates audio, video,
computing, and communications technologies to
allow people in different locations to electronically
collaborate face-to-face, in real time.


Hospital Management System

Cog HMS - futuristic solutions for Health care Industry.
With highest quality, usability, lowest maintenance.
Hospital Management Application on secured private
cloud enables you to track, record, retrieve, follow
and also schedule every instance at your hospital.


CogDAM is cloud based Digital Asset Management
with Media Encoding application & one step
video streaming solution where clients can
upload any kind of video format & it is automatically
encoded into adaptive streaming enabling
it to be streamed.


Campaign Management

Managing a Campaign for large clients and their numerous branded products simultaneously was never
so easy. With our Campaign Management Solution you
can effortlessly handle all tasks from selecting brands,
applications, hosting services, roles and employees
through simple user friendly interfaces. Track progress
at every stage to ensure timely delivery.


CogIce Storage

• Utilize the power of Amazon’s BLOB storage.

• Upload, download data with CogICE storage.

• Have complete control on who can access your
data through user management.

• Search through your archive with ease


Cognosys : Porter Management System

Helps to manage portering workforces more
efficiently with task allocation and helpdesk tools
Improve and enhance service delivery and manage
porters and assets especially in environments
like hospitals, clinics, old ages homes, etc


Cognosys : Cog Azure Storage Explorer

Store and Access your data without having to invest
in huge storage devices and other infrastructure.
Azure's BLOB storage will do it for you. Upload
and download data to and from the cloud with the
click of a mouse. Search your content using various
criteria, Manage users and control what they can
access. You will never have to worry about backup
and restore of content.


Cloud Management As A Service

CMaaS offers you with fast, reliable, secure and
cost effective solutions that are required for the
upcoming generations where information and
services are available at a click of a button.

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Buzz an Easy , Fast , Effective and Secure cross platform
business collabration app , and instant messaging
service. To deal with real-world business requirement
secure communication , high privacy, Keeping you
connected at home, in the office and on the move...

About Cognosys

Cognosys is a Global ISV,System Integrator and Integrated Service Provider Company with a strong emphasis in Cloud Computing, Financial Services,Enterprise Distributed application and Creative Embedded Deployments. We are capable and inspired to exceed your expectations by the quality of service we provide.


1-Click Deployment

Cognosys cloud offering includes 1-click deployment through Azure and AWS marketplaces: Deploy Through Azure Marketplace Deploy Through Azure Marketplace In... Read More

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